About Us

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We are not just a crew we are a family. 

Not only is Paddle Surf RI a quaint mom and pop operation it includes the entire surf family.  All hands are on deck; the person who takes your reservation could be the one having fun with you in the water.  We strive not only to service you with quality products and instruction but to provide you a joyful, memorable experience.


The people and destination.  The on call staff will happily collaborate with you to set up limitless possibilities that cater to your adventure.  The majority of the crew has been raised on the beach or come from surf families, its in our blood, this is our way of life.  The Paddle Surf Family continues to travel in a variety of places all over the globe to experience a unique surf and ocean awareness.  From our travel experience the Paddle Surf Family and Friends pioneered Stand Up Paddle in Westerly back in 2005.  We have been paddling for over a decade and the immediate Paddle Surf Family has 80 years surf experience combined.  Arrive and enjoy the journey with us!

Paddle Surf is a destination like no other that delivers high-end personalized service and exclusivity.  Experience the playful essence of summer at our secluded laid-back re-purposed house boat with a hip twist and fun vibe.  Tear yourself away from the crowded beaches and head to our quiet harbor.  Seek what nature has to offer as you take a jaunt around the coves.  Treat yourself, friends and family to local gifts and souvenirs that have the character, charm and color of our unusual surf town.  Paddle Surf is just a short walk to the Cooked Goose one of our favorite restaurants for breakfast and lunch (dine in or take out and picnic at the Paddle Surf Patio).

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